Simplify the entertainment experience with free-flowing conversational search.

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A must-have feature.

With 30 percent of Amazon Echo, Dot or Google Home users stating that they use voice assistants to help them find something to watch,* it’s more important than ever to integrate conversational capabilities into devices and services. However, it’s essential that voice functions are natural, relevant and accurate – and that they support multiple entertainment services – to ensure customer satisfaction.


*Source: nScreenMedia, June 2017 

Introducing TiVo’s Conversation.

TiVo's Conversation, a module within our Personalized Discovery Platform, gets viewers to the content they want even faster than traditional methods by allowing them to search using free-flowing conversational dialogue. Conversation is powered by natural-language understanding technology and considers user preferences and context, so results and recommendations are highly relevant. Conversation personalizes the entertainment experience further and makes it more engaging with naturally spoken responses.


A faster way to find entertainment.

The Conversation module makes it easy to find out the answer to “What’s on TV tonight?” by simply asking. Rather than pull up the guide, the response will highlight the top 10 TV shows the user is most likely to be interested in. Results are narrowed based on context, reducing the need for long queries with unnatural phrasing to achieve the same results. For example, if a user was to ask, “Find me movies with Tom Hanks,” after the initial search results are displayed, the user can simply say “only the comedies” to filter the results to find comedies starring Tom Hanks. 

Intelligence at its core.

TiVo’s Conversation supports linear TV, video-on-demand (VOD) and over-the-top (OTT) programming and recognizes what a user or household subscribes to, only turning up available results. Powered by our unparalleled Knowedge Graph Engine, TiVo’s Conversation taps information produced and curated by hundreds of content editors, regional metadata, predictive search results, contextual details like location and time, and behavioral indicators from social networks.


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  • Interpret voice commands and requests, and incorporate naturally spoken responses.
  • Help ensure accurate search results and recommendations through context-aware conversations. 
  • Understand ambiguous language and keep up when topics change or pronouns are used.
  • Customize responses to fit your business. (e.g., “Record to DVR,” “Add to queue,” “Turn on TV”)
  • Support natural dialogue and interaction with over 10,000 creatively constructed Smart Responses.
  • Benefit from TiVo’s Knowledge Graph Engine, a true differentiator containing dynamic metadata on 100 million semantic entities and their connections. The Engine yields highly accurate results, even when confronted with ambiguous, indirect terms.

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