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Streaming shows with TiVo Mini

When your TiVo Mini is connected to a host DVR, you have access to live TV and all of the DVR's recorded shows. 

This feature is available on:

  • Any TiVo Mini (Mini and host DVR must be using the same TiVo Experience)

When you set up your TiVo Mini, you'll choose a "host" DVR. When your Mini is connected to a host, you can access to the host's My Shows list from your Mini.  

Although what you're seeing when you're viewing the My Shows list on your Mini is actually the My Shows list on the host DVR, you can interact with it on your Mini in the same way you would on the DVR itself. Similarly, when you're watching a recorded show on your Mini, you are actually streaming it from your host DVR. Again, you can interact with the show in the same way you would on the DVR: use TrickPlay (pause, rewind, fast foward, jump backward, skip ahead), skip commercial breaks with the SkipMode, learn more about a show from the info banner, and more.

To stream a show from your host DVR, simply press the TiVo button on your Mini's remote control to go to the TiVo Home screen or TiVo Central screen (depending on your TiVo Experience), then select "My Shows."