Thuuz & Metacritic Scores

With all of the movies and sporting events available, TiVo helps you zero in on just the items worth your time. Look for colored boxes containing numbers throughout the TiVo experience, and you'll know at a glance whether to tune in.

This feature is available on:

  • Any TiVo DVR using the new TiVo experience
  • Any TIVo Mini 

thuuz image

Thuuz Excitement Ratings for Sports

Thuuz “excitement ratings” can tell you if a game is going to be worth watching -- before you start watching it. The scores are updated in real-time; that means, in a game that might be mediocre at first, you’ll see lower Thuuz scores. But as the game gets more exciting as it goes on, the score will go up. Games are rated from 0-100, with 100 being a “great game.”

Thuuz ratings and scale

Thuuz ratings become visible when you highlight an event, and they may be considered “spoilers.”  If you want to watch your sports without knowing what to expect, you can always turn this feature off. From the Home screen, choose the Menu icon, then choose Settings > User Preferences > Thuuz Sports Ratings.

Metacritic Ratings for Movies

Metacritic takes all of the reviews for movie, averages them, and gives you a combined score, so you can see at a glance what critics are saying about a movie. Movies are rated on a scale of 0-100 and color coded; look for the green scores for the best bets. You’ll find Metacritic scores for movies throughout the TiVo experience: What to Watch, Search, My Shows, Guide, and more.

To see the Metacritic rating (if available), highlight a movie. Ratings are numerical and color-coded, as shown below.

Metacritic ratings and scale