Guide & Live TV

A fully interactive program guide shows you what’s playing on Sling TV, YouTube TV, TiVo+, and Pluto channels.

Get help adding Sling to your Stream 4K.

Learn about TiVo+ channels.

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  • Channel Groups
  • Guide Icons
  • Guide Filters
  • Favorite Channels

  • Channel Groups

    The guide includes Sling TV, YouTube TV, TiVo+, and Pluto channels.  Look for the provider’s logo at the top of the channel column to find groups of channels. With a channel highlighted, press CHAN UP/DOWN to jump to the next group of channels.


    Guide Icons

    Icons in the guide help you navigate to the shows you want:

    • New shows: guide-icon-new
    • Shows that are being or will be recorded as part of a series: guide-icon-series-recording
    • Shows that are being or will be recorded as a single recording (not as part of a series):guide-icon-single-recording
    • Shows or channels that cannot be recorded: guide-icon-recording-prohibited
    • Shows that can be watched using Sling's Start Over feature:guide-icon-start-over
    • Sling Blue package channels (icon in channel column):guide-icon-sling-blue-channel
    • Sling Orange package channels (icon in channel column):guide-icon-sling-orange-channel

    Guide Filters

    Guide filters can help you navigate quickly. Just press UP from the top of the guide to see the filter bar. Select a show category to instantly filter the guide.


    Favorite Channels

    To choose a favorite channel, highlight a channel cell. Press and hold OK/SELECT, then choose Add to Favorite Channels.

    Favorite channels appear at the top of the guide.


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