Watch TiVo+

TiVo+ is your one-stop for an amazing collection of free entertainment. Find thousands of the best free shows, movies, and videos previously available to you only online or from separate apps — all gathered in one place on your TiVo box.

This feature is available on:

  • Any TiVo DVR using the latest TiVo experience
  • Any TiVo Mini (connected to a TiVo DVR using the latest TiVo experience)

Browse and watch TiVo+

You can find TiVo+ channels in two ways.

  • From the Home screen, choose TiVo+. On the TiVo+ screen, you’ll find categories including Movies & TV; Entertainment, Comedy & Pop Culture; Sports; Kids & Family and more. Just choose a channel to start watching.


  • In the program guide, you’ll now see a row dedicated exclusively to a featured TiVo+ channel. The featured channel will change as you scroll through the guide. Start watching the channel by highlighting the row and pressing OK.