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Watch Vudu

TiVo users have access to the vast library of shows and movies on Vudu. Log in or sign up for Vudu right on your TiVo box to start streaming.

This feature is available on:

  • Any TiVo DVR using the latest TiVo experience
  • Any TiVo Mini (connected to a TiVo DVR using the latest TiVo experience)

Search for Vudu shows

When you search and browse for shows on your TiVo box, your results automatically include Vudu content. You can tell which shows are available on Vudu by looking for the Vudu icon (here, in the bottom right of the search results screen).

Note: If you do not see Vudu content while searching or browsing, make sure the Vudu app is selected in User Preferences. (Go to Menu > Settings > User Preferences > Add & Manage Apps.)

Use the Vudu app

You can also use the Vudu app on your TiVo box. Here's how:

  1. From the TiVo Home screen, choose Apps > Vudu.


  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign up (for free!), browse, or log in.
  3. Choose a show from one of the available categories, search for shows, and enjoy Vudu original programming, just as you normally do.


  4. Should you ever need to sign out of the Vudu app on your TiVo box, go to Menu > Help > Account & System Info > Video Provider Accounts.