One box.

One remote.

TiVo brings it all together.

TiVo’s unified entertainment systems work with your existing digital cable service or HD antenna and also connect to your favorite online streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu and more. The easy-to-use on-screen TiVo interface makes it easy to find what you’re looking for fast, scanning live TV, DVR recordings and online services, allowing you to enjoy your shows on multiple screens in your home or on your mobile devices when you’re on the go. And, with support up to 4K Ultra HD quality, there’s no need to switch away to other devices to get the best quality experience.

vox remote

You Say it. TiVo Finds it. You Watch it.


The new TiVo VOX Remote™ dramatically improves your TV experience! Push the blue microphone button and speak into the remote control. TiVo hears your command and does the rest, simultaneously searching across your live TV channels, recordings and the major streaming services on TiVo to deliver personalized results based on what you watch and when you watch it. Fast. Smart. Intuitive – TiVo VOX is the next best thing in TV.

TiVo delivers TV your way


If you have digital cable, TiVo offers a 4-tuner BOLT VOX™ with either 75 hours of HD storage (500GB) or 150 hours of storage (1TB). Both these boxes are equipped with support for over-the-air tuners in case you decide to cut the cord one day and don’t want to swap out your box. Or, crank it up to 11 and go for the 6-tuner BOLT VOX with 3 TB of storage, capable of storing a whopping 450 hours of HD programming (digital cable only). A subscription to the TiVo service is required and is sold separately for all BOLT VOX devices.

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Record up to


shows at once


Voice Remote

Up to


HD Recording Hours

If you’re looking for free, over-the-air TV, but still want a premium experience, the TiVo BOLT OTA is just what you need! BOLT OTA offers the latest on-screen experience and can record up to 4 HD programs at once, storing up to 150 hours of HD programming. When paired with the TiVo VOX Remote, you get access to a multitude of voice-enabled functionality.

bolt ota



Monthly Fees


Voice Remote

Up to 


HD Recording Hours

And, no matter whether you choose TiVo BOLT VOX or TiVo BOLT OTA, your favorite shows won’t be stuck in the living room. Take your entertainment to go on mobile devices or combine with a TiVo Mini VOX to create a whole-home solution that brings all of TiVo’s fan-favorite features to every room in the house.




in Monthly Fees


Voice Remote



Picture Quality

The only box you need.


At TiVo, we’ve never stopped making TV the best it could be. Now, by bringing all your live TV, DVR recordings and the major streaming services together, you’re able to get the most from your entertainment in one unified experience, so you spend less time searching and more time watching.

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