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Over 60 years ago, the remote control was invented and it transformed how families watched TV forever. Fast forward to 2018, TiVo is building on that innovation by integrating smart speakers and smart home products to make your entertainment time more enjoyable and your life more untethered.

Take charge of your TV experience without your remote


Thought you could only run your TiVo with a TiVo remote? Think again. You can now change channels, skip commercials, and even launch your favorite streaming services on TiVo through the power of your voice and your smart speaker. Watching your favorite program just got a lot easier when you’re exercising, cooking or your TiVo remote is buried under the pillow.


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Say her name …


TiVo now works with Alexa enabling any Amazon Echo to perform key TiVo commands with your voice. With voice commands such as “Alexa, change channel to CBS,” “Alexa, launch Netflix,” or “Alexa, open Settings,” TiVo has created the ultimate untethered entertainment experience. With everything else you’re juggling, you and your hands will be thankful for the freedom.


Raise your voice


With the TiVo skill for Alexa, TiVo follows your commands better than Fido. Using voice commands, you can fast forward, rewind and even jump back 8 seconds to rewatch that amazing play when your remote can’t be found. With Alexa and TiVo, your new voice-controlled entertainment experience speaks for itself. 



TiVo's hands-free commands

tivo hands-free voice commands